The ‘God’ Concept.

Many believe in One ‘God’ 
Some believe in many ‘Gods”
Most Believe their ‘God ‘Is the “One True God”

What if ‘God is a ideal concept. Ingrained into our Souls at Creation.

This ideal concept of ‘God’, is to believe in something So Good and So Great that it becomes our drive to better ourselves to help and heal others.

If Your “God” demands You.

  • To Hurt others
  • To Murder in ‘His’ name.
  • To Create suffering for others because they “lack conviction.”
  • To Judge others.
  • To Trespass on others.

 You are following a Demon.

  • God is Light.
  • God is Life
  • God does not make other Suffer
  • God does not Judge
  • God does not Trespass. 

Start Teaching others Love by being Love. 



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Just cast body and mind into the great treasury of light and don’t look back.

Koun Ejo, 1198-1282, Absorption in the Treasury of Light.

Minding Mind: A Course in Basic Meditation trans. by Thomas Cleary

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